Or tiervâ which is the Inari Saami way to greet someone. My name is Lee Rodgers. I am originally from England, now I live in Inari with my Inari Saami wife and two sons. The Saami are the indigenous people of Finland, who speak three different Saami languages. I learned about Inari Saami culture from my wife, who is a folklorist, and through the Inari Saami language nest that my two sons attended.

I write and illustrate children’s books to help Inari Saami language revitalisation. I wrote and illustrated my first book “The Forgetful Squirrel” in English and then it was translated into Inari Saami. The book tells the story of a young Inari Saami boy and his adventures in Lapland. I was then asked to make a series of books based on the same characters for younger children. These books are also bilingual and include stories songs and poems. Mixed into the stories are opportunities to learn about Inari Saami culture and nature, as well as numbers and other such concepts.

Another Inari Saami word would be takkâ, which means thank you. I would like to thank you for taking the time to look at this website and hopefully uáinimaid or until we meet again.

Yle Lappi have made an animation from one of the books and it featured on “Unna Junna” the Saami childrens programme on national television.

Check out Lee’s website to find out more!