This bilingual Inari Sámi/English book is for older children and adults interested in Sámi culture. The book tells the story of a young Inari Sámi boy whose adventures sometimes have surprising outcomes. Sammeli discovers a magic drum in a damp shed, which his parents have told him to stay away from. He develops a cold and is consigned to bed. Hi thinks this puts an end to his adventures. In a dream, when he unexpectedly meets an eccentric squirrel who has lost his winter supplies, he realises that a new set of adventures has only just begun.


“With the plot Lee presents successfully old Inarisaami traditions and describes vividly the northern nature. In the illustrations Inarisaami culture is depicted delightfully, correctly and in a positive way.”
Marja-Liisa Olthuis, Ph.D., Inarisaami scholar and university lector, author

“This is is a lovely story and the characters are charming.”
Cosgrove Hall Films

“I absolutely loved reading ‘The Forgetful Squirrel’ as did my husband and two children.”
Michelle Crick

“The book intertwines Saami culture into a fable in a unique way. The nature becomes alive and starts talking to us and revealing its secrets. Ancient traditions and beliefs are carried to younger generations in Lee Rodgers’ warm book. This educational book is certainly for adults as well. I recommend ‘The Forgetful Squirrel’ to anyone interested in Saami culture.”
Veli-Pekka Räty, Ph.D. in Art and Design