For many years, the Inari Saami Language Association and the Saami Education Centre have organized Inari Saami evenings where various activities take place, people meet Saami-speaking individuals, and conversations are held in Saami. The purpose is to use Inari Saami and learn new words. Participation in Inari Saami evenings is free. The Inari Saami Language Association provides coffee and pastries. Usually, the Saami Education Center arranges a venue for the evenings. No pre-registration is required for the events.

The evenings typically have a specific theme, and the themes vary. Inari Saami evenings are enjoyable events where you can improve your language skills and meet new people. Welcome to join!

Announcements for Inari Saami evenings are posted in the Facebook groups Anarâškielâ orroomviste and Anarâš ehideh.